Augmented reality is one of the killer-applications of wearable computer. We can see and hear this reality with our senses. Augmenting means empowering, so augmented reality means empowering our senses to have an another view of reality.

Basically Augmented reality means a combination of computer generated objects and reality, and to see this combination we need our own senses and the aid of a computer.

For example someone wearing a hmd could model a house to it's place before building it, or he could leave secret notes on the middle of the street for someone to read. One could also play some fps-games on real environments ARQuake. Augmented reality could move computing closer to our lives.

One cool use I can see is that you could leave your important notes hanging in air at your office and nobody else could see them. They could contain passwords and other confidential data. --OjM 02:00, 10 April 2009 (UTC)