So you want to build a wearable computer? The idea of wearable computing has been around since the '70s, but it has never really been easy. If you're looking to just buy a few parts, plug them together and expect it to work, turn back now and try checking in in a few decades.

Quite recently building wearable computers cost hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, but with recent advancements in some of the major components, the price is dropping.

There has always been cheapo wearables too, they don't have to cost thousands of dollars. I'm hoping I'll be able to build one for less than 700€.

Also today you could just buy an Eeepc with 6-cell batteries, hmd with Eeepc compatible cable and keyboard like frogpad or something. That would be the basic system, though Eeepc would still be too big for me to wear all day. It would all work with Linux without a hiccup. Build would not be optimal, but it could be done. --OjM 01:19, 10 April 2009 (UTC)

Beginners' RigsEdit

If you're just beginning in wearable computing, you should probably try to reproduce a rig that has already been built. Rigs particularly suitable to new wearable users are at Category:Beginner Rigs