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This page documents a display device suitable for wearable computing.

The Myvu Solo Plus is a head-mounted display intended for private viewing, particularly of iPod videos. It is fairly inexpensive and has a poor resolution for its size, and has been replaced by the Myvu Crystal which has a better resolution. It can sometimes be obtained cheaply from places like ebay.

Cheaper options come with a single ipod-compatable cable, but a standard RCA composite can be made or bought from MyVu. More expensive versions come with the Phono-cables and other media player plugs.

The solo has a small adaptor box with brightness/contrast controls. The input to this box is a 4-pole 3.5mm headphone plug. Pinouts are:

  • Tip - left
  • ring 1 - right
  • ring 2 - A/V Ground
  • Ring3/body - Video

Disassembling a MyVu Solo

Inside a MyVu Solo Pictures

Internally, there are two separate screens but only one set of driver electronics. Display is usable - both combine to form what appears to be a single large monitor positioned directly in front of the user. Peripheral vision is not shielded but main focus is occluded - suitable for airline or railway use - not walking.

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