This page documents a particular rig. A rig is a combination of hardware and software into a complete wearable computer.

  • Name: Gregor's Myvu Crystal + Pandora rig
  • Designer: Gregor Richards
  • Approximate total price: $700
  • Required skill level: Beginner
  • Complete: Yes
  • Has been built: No


The Pandora has an available TV-out cable with RCA composite video output. The Myvu Crystal has composite video input, so that connection is simple. The ring mouse is USB and the Freedom Slim Keypad is bluetooth. In short, everything connects trivially.


This rig uses the standard software present on the Pandora.


Gregor has designed this, but the Pandora hasn't shipped yet so it hasn't been built. Every component other than the computer is ready, however. See Myvu Crystal for information on disassembling the display.