GNU/Linux is typically the OS of choice for cyborgs.

Audio-Based DesktopsEdit

GNU/Linux ApplicationsEdit


Emacspeak is a speech-synthesized variant of the Emacs software suite, which is by itself an incredibly powerful yet difficult to learn operating system(though is almost always run inside linux). Although not the original developer, Greg Priest-Dorman, a long-term WearComp user, actively participates in the project. Emacspeak is likely the best option for those wishing to run audio-only GNU/Linux.

LSR - Linux Screen ReaderEdit





BLINUX is a project(not distro) aiming to help people find software for the blind.

Blind GNU/Linux DistributionsEdit

Several GNU/Linux distributions exist that are targeted toward blind users. They are listed here for reference, however it is recommended that a beginner WearComp user instead use a mainstream Linux distribution in combination with the software listed above.


ZipSpeak is a Slackware-based distro to provide an easy introduction to GNU/Linux for the blind. Doesn't appear to have been updated since 2001 though, but Slackware's package manager should be able to update all of the packages.


Oralux is Knoppix Live-CD for introducing users to using several screen reader products such as Emacspeak, Speakup and Yasr. The Association also offers Voxin, which provides a variety of preconfigured screen readers such as Emacspeak, LSR and Orca, but is not free due to the inclusion of a proprietary TTS package.

Menu-based GNU/Linux DistributionsEdit

One choice you have to make when designing your wearable is whether or not you want a desktop-like user interface, or not. If you decide to work with command-line, you might prefer having easier access to several applications and settings with menu user interface.

INX Is Not XEdit

INX is a distribution based on Ubuntu but without X. It's main goal is to provide a non-intimidating environment for learning the command-line. It has some great cli applications and some custom made tutorials. The main reason I think it could be great for wearable use is that it is menu-based. When I'll start building my own piece of wearable, this will be the distro of choice. --OjM 00:07, 10 April 2009 (UTC)


Windows' narrator component makes it easy (but slow!) to read from any apps you are using. I'm not too sure how well menu navigation, etc. work though...