This page documents a particular rig. A rig is a combination of hardware and software into a complete wearable computer.

  • Name: No name yet.
  • Designer: (OjM) Olli Markkanen
  • Approximate total price: 600€
  • Required skill level: Intermediate?
  • Complete: No
  • Has been built: In progress

The righardware template is no good, so I'm not using it.

Computer= Beagleboard C3

OS=Minimal customized Ubuntu without X


Display=Covert sunglasses monocular hmd made from Myvu Crystal

Speaker=Simple monospeaker/microphone




The whole system, except display, is located in a cheap belt-worn cameracase. Blogpost with photos:

Beagleboard case is currently built with plexiglass. It's a lot better than the plywood one I had.